Customer Experience Webpage Launched

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Extension colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Extension Customer Experience Platform webpage. Please review and bookmark the following link for quick access. The page is now available in the Intranet main menu as well.

Our goal with this new page is to maintain a single, central source of information to assist employees with implementing best customer experience practices and supporting our mission.

Currently, there are two main sections: Moving Forward and Conference Resources.

Moving Forward has the most current information regarding our next steps, including tools and information to help you grow the organization from the ground up. During the conferences, you used a job aid to reflect on how you could improve individually; the next step is to look at your team, program or county center. Resources are provided to start this process.

  • We have also included an Initial Customer Experience Survey. This self-assessment is a quick way to create a baseline measure of your overall ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. As the year progresses, you will be able to retake the survey to measure your improvement.
  • There were over 150 questions generated (via the “Parking Lot” and as follow-up to Extension leadership’s presentation). The FAQ section contains responses to some of the most popular questions, and we’ll be posting additional feedback regularly as we move forward.

Conference Resources provides links to resources from the district conferences, including the presentation, videos and handouts, along with photos and awards.

  • During the meetings, your teams generated 60-second pitches, including customer experience-centric and brand statements, which we collected and compiled online.
  • Lastly, we are creating a video with Drs. Tom Melton and Mike Yoder, who deliver their “Lay of the Land: Times are Changing” presentation. When finalized, it will be available to use during NEO (New Employee Orientation), as well as onboarding and other efforts.

We will work hard to update this webpage with additional information, guidance and resources as our customer experience initiative progresses – stay tuned. In the meantime, we thank you for your participation and stellar efforts!

All the best,
Rich & Rosalind

Dr. Rich Bonanno
Director, NC State Extension

Dr. Rosalind Dale
Administrator, Cooperative Extension at N.C. A&T State University