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SC District Regional Sharing Portal

Welcome to the SC District Regional Sharing Portal! This portal was created to increase information sharing within and across program focus areas. Essentially, this portal assists Extension Agents with tools, materials, and resources to work smarter. Through this sharing portal, Extension Agents will be able to:

  • Access curriculum for experiential education across program areas
  • Access and share presentations, articles, handouts, factsheets, and other resources to increase education and marketing strategies
  • Increase regional reach with educational programs

How to use the Regional Sharing Portal?

The Regional Information Sharing portal consists of accessible Google Drive Folders which allow Extension Agents access to upload, download, and share educational resources. All Extension professionals with a NC State unity ID have access to resources in the folders upon sign in.

Click the hyperlinks below to access a portal. 


A few notes to help keep the portal organized and efficient for everyone!


  1. Add authorship credentials to your resource. The goal of the portal is not only to share information, but to also enhance reporting measures. It is suggested that agents notify others of materials that are publicly published.
  2. Locate the Program Focus Area folder that best fits the resources you want to share. For example, a presentation on “Cooking Made Simple” is best suited for the food portal.
  3. Locate the sub-folder that best suits the material you desire to share. For example, “Cooking Made Simple” is best suited for the Nutrition subfolder, as it contains a specific folder for “cooking.”
  4. Select the “new” button on the right-hand side, select “upload file” and confirm that your upload is present.


  1. Locate the folder that best suits your interest. For example, if you are seeking a newletter article on lawn care, you may visit the “Consumer Horticulture” folder.
  2. Highlight the document you want to download by clicking on the document image.
  3. Right-click, then select “download.” The document will download in your designated downloads folder.
  4. Retain authorship credential in any material that is shared publicly. For example, if Jane Doe publishes an article that John Doe wrote, she would acknowledge him as the author of the article.