Guidance for Conducting Meetings Under NC Executive Order 169

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There have been some questions about a section of Executive Order 169 that allows for groups larger than 25 to meet at an indoor facility or larger than 50 at an outdoor facility. This allowance is acceptable only if ALL five of the following restrictions can be met:

  1. Facilities covered by this Subsection must limit Guests in the facility (whether indoor or outdoor) to the lesser of 100 people per room OR 30% of the stated fire capacity for each room (for areas without a stated fire capacity, no more than seven Guests for every 1,000 square feet of the Guest area’s square footage).
  2. Workers and support staff do not count toward these capacity limits. For facilities where private meeting spaces are a portion of a larger facility that is not restricted by this Section of this Executive Order, the limits stated above are measured only for the portion of the facility that is a private meeting space.
  3. Guests must be in seats except to enter, leave, visit the restroom, etc. Food and drink are discouraged in general, but especially at larger events (also see food and drink guidelines released previously from Extension). Facilities should avoid scheduling a standing reception, cocktail hour, or similar event where guests are likely to mingle.
  4. Space out Guests. Each group of Guests (or individuals) must be seated so that they are spaced apart by 6 feet in all directions from other groups of Guests (or individuals).
  5. All workers and Guests must wear Face Coverings when they are or may be within the facility.

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Note: You will only be allowed to proceed with Extension meetings greater than 50 people outside or 25 people inside through approval from the appropriate District Extension Director. Please also note that if you cannot comply with all five requirements as outlined above, then don’t have a meeting with more than 25 inside or 50 outside.

We are also working on guidance for university-owned space. NC State is requiring that any meetings, regardless of size, involving groups from outside the university must receive prior approval from the university. See the exception request in the second document above. Facilities that fall under this category include campus, Extension’s Carteret County office, research stations, and field labs.

We will continue to provide research-based educational programs and information to our producers, youth, and the public in a variety of formats, including virtual and in-person. We want to protect the health of our clientele, specialists, and agents by following university and county rules, as well as Executive Orders.