Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Update

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I’d like to pass along additional information related to the coronavirus, COVID-19, while emphasizing the need for accuracy and consistency when distributing information about this virus. Extension is the leading source of trusted, research-based information for North Carolinians, which will be increasingly important for our communities in the days to come.
To that end, NC State Univesity has launched a central coronavirus information webpage that includes university updates and additional resources for employees:

Going forward, this site will serve as the main source of information for COVID-19 impacts to NC State, including our Extension personnel across the state. The site includes the latest messaging from campus leadership, impacts to campus operations and audiences, links to information from the CDC and WHO, as well as communications assets and a communications toolkit for employees to use as needed, such as digital billboard slides, posters, and flyers.
*When sharing information and updates with your local audiences, employees should ONLY use information and materials that are provided by and/or approved through the university.
This includes, but is not limited to: communications to clients, partners, faculty and staff; posters, flyers and billboard slides related to hand-washing or other protective measures; web or social media posts. We encourage use of pre-approved resources found on NC State’s new coronavirus site, as additional approval is needed only when creating unique messages.
Additionally, Provost Arden has assembled an interdisciplinary leadership team to help NC State prepare for and manage COVID-19/coronavirus-related concerns and actions. This team includes professionals from Emergency Management and Mission Continuity (EMMC), Student Health, Study Abroad, International Programs, Academic and Student Affairs, University Communications and others. EMMC is managing related logistics for the university, and will continue sharing updates with all university employees as they are available.
We will continue working with EMMC, University Communications, and CALS Communications to streamline our COVID-19 updates and avoid redundancy where possible. As such, please take note of any coronavirus-related messages you receive from the university, and check the NC State University coronavirus site on a regular basis.
Thank you for your attention to this situation and for continuing to serve our communities day in and day out. And above all, take the necessary precautions to keep you and your families safe.
~ RichB