Mileage Rates and Emergency Situations

— Written By Sheri Schwab

I met with NC State University officials on Friday afternoon (Oct. 14) regarding the travel impact to those of you out in the flood-impacted counties. They confirmed that under the circumstances of Hurricane Matthew and for the weeks to come, you may absolutely utilize the “emergency situation” and any other applicable “exception circumstance,” such as hauling equipment/records/educational materials, etc., in order to request the $0.54/mi. personal reimbursement rate. You do not have to use the rental cars during this time.

View the Request for Standard IRS Rate Form.

I know some of you drove personal vehicles because they were better equipped to handle flood waters and/or to haul files or other office equipment away from the flood zones, as well as other situations. I am sure many of you considered this, but we just want to reinforce for you that this is an acceptable practice.

We have the understanding and support of our university partners to makes sure you all are able to do what you need to do in this ongoing situation. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Sheri Schwab