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EPAT Open Development Issues

The following PAT issues are open from the development team


  • Add years of service field to XEMP? (Emailed HR about this – may be in next feed)

TODO (Non-Programming)

  • Write Getting Started document (IM Agents? Demo the program to them)
  • Create a Screencast
  • Ask counties to review employee lists


  • Contact Bob/Donald about planning test and picking counties.


  • populate weights from POA or vice-versa?


  • CED of employee’s current county and CED of county of review can both edit (in case of transfer)
  • DED can edit previous review (in the same year) and/or previous reviews in the previous year if they can normally edit the employee or the review in question. This allows DEDs (not DED admins or anyone else) to make alterations if needed on previous recent reviews.