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Supplemental Documentation Packet

Performance Appraisal Program Documentation

Every person required to develop an Individual Plan of Action document is expected to develop a Supplemental Documentation Packet (SDP) that will serve as support for program efforts, impacts and evaluation rankings. The SDP can be in the form of a notebook or in a file, but needs to be in an organized, easily understood fashion. The SDP is the only justification for the ranking given by the CED, therefore, evaluation and ranking will be no better than the documentation provided. Much of the information requested below can be obtained by printing the year-end Individual Plan of Action Report from One Stop Shop


  1. Individual Plan of Action
  2. Individual Program Accomplishment Report separated by learner objective with supporting evidence of evaluation, summarized evaluation tools and related success stories. Address the Competency Skill Areas under the Programming competency in the Extension Performance Appraisal Tool (EPAT).
  3. Advisory Leadership section that lists specialized committees dates they met, number attending, and any conclusions reached. Include any minutes of the meetings.
  4. Updated Professional Development Plan
  5. ERS
    1. Section A summary (contacts)
    2. Copy of individual 2008 Accomplishment Reports (ERS Section B)
    3. All Success Stories submitted during 2008 (ERS Section C summary)
    4. Civil Rights Section that includes AAR10, 11/12 and 13. (In some counties, the CED completes this for the entire staff)
    5. ERS Summary Reports for all remaining sections, A through I
  6. Learning Management Summary for 2008
  7. Awards and Recognition: List any awards applied for whether received or not.
  8. Marketing: Examples of newsletters, new articles, other program promotion and marketing materials.
  9. Kudos: Copies of any “thank you” letters or other forms of recognition or appreciation received during 2008.

EPAT timeline

Final Review/Planning Session
EFNEP PA’s — November 15 – December 15
Agent, PA and Ag Technicians — February 1 – February 28
CED — March 1 – April 15
Mid Year Review
EFNEP — May 15 – June 15
Agent, PA and Ag Technicians — June 15 – July 15
CED — July 15 – September 1