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Visual Style Guide

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The logo is integral to NC State Extension’s identity. Its directness, hard edges and unadorned type fit who we are: We are purposeful. We are modern. We are NC State.

There are two base configurations of the logo (Stacked and Horizontal). Use the appropriate version for your project.

Visit the NC State Brand site for more logo usage guidelines.

Color Logos

NC State Extension_Color logos

Black & White Logos

Color is preferred when possible, but there are also Black and Grayscale versions of the logo.

NC State Extension_B&W logos

Visit the Downloads section for all NC State Extension logos.

Using the Logo

The designer may decide where to place the logo, so long as it is clearly visible in a prominent position on all communication items (e.g. publication cover, front page of a handout, intro/close of video, top of webpage, etc.).

    Give the logo space. As a rule of thumb, measure the height of the NC State brick logo (red rectangle). Design elements, text and photos should be at least that far from the logo.

NC State Extension_Logo spacing graphic

    Minimum logo sizes. Use the appropriate size in all materials, and remember to scale the logo proportionately.

NC State Extension_Logo sizing graphic

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Incorrect Logo Usage

NC State Extension_Incorrect Logo Usage 1The logo should never be re-created. NC State Extension_Incorrect Logo Usage 3Logotype can never be transparent. NC State Extension_Incorrect Logo Usage 2Never add elements to the logo.

Visit the NC State Brand site for more logo usage guidelines.

Why Can’t I Change the Logo?
Consistency is the hallmark of effective branding and marketing. Using the same logo in a consistent manner increases name recognition and immediate identification of the image with NC State Extension.

Over time, this repetition helps people apply the trust and value generated by all of NC State to our logo and NC State Extension. Changing the colors, orientation, font or text of the logo defeats the purpose of brand identity and is not permitted.

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Logo Downloads

The “Print” folder contains EPS and PDF files, which are the only logos that should be used for print. These are vector files, which print cleanly at any size. The “Web” folder includes JPG and PNG logos for use in Microsoft Office programs or on websites.

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Licensed Vendors

While there are thousands of promotional companies, shirt shops and screen-printers, the use of NC State’s trademarks (e.g. logos and wordmarks) on products or promotional items requires that the product be produced by a licensed vendor.

View a list of vendors that are pre-approved and licensed to use the university trademarks on apparel and promotional items.

Lists of NC State trademarks (also available under the “Our Trademarks” tab):

Vendors are able to apply for a trademark license. Visit the NC State Trademark Licensing website for more information.

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NC State’s core palette consists of three colors: Wolfpack Red, Wolfpack White and Wolfpack Black. These colors should feature more prominently than any others in NC State communications.

In all communications using color, Wolfpack Red should dominate. We are, always, the Red and White of NC State.

Color palette block_Red

HEX #CC0000
RGB 204 0 0
CMYK 0 100 81 4
PMS 186 C

Color palette block_Wolfpack Black

RGB 0 0 0
CMYK 0 0 0 100

Color palette block_Wolfpack-White

HEX #004684
RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0

For more information on the NC State color palette (including acceptable secondary colors), review the university brand standards.


Typography plays an important role in establishing and reinforcing our brand. Our typographic identity reflects NC State’s place as a bold, forward-thinking institution.

Univers — is the primary typeface for NC State Extension. A limited number of licenses for Univers are available, free of charge, to professional communicators who agree to use them within brand parameters. If you’re interested in receiving a license, contact the brand administrators.

Arial — is an acceptable alternative typeface and can be used in presentations, HTML emails, native apps, and in Word documents that cannot be distributed as PDFs. Arial should be used anytime Univers is not available or supported.

Univers font image
Arial font graphic

Type Guidelines

We’ve compiled a few of the university’s recommendations that can better align your use of type with the brand. Review the Typography section of the NC State brand site for more details and samples.

  • Use no more than two or three type styles (fonts), and limit the number of type sizes in any given resource.
  • Only use type over an image if it is completely legible without altering the type or the image.
  • Don’t use embellishments like drop shadow, text beveling and selective photo darkening.
  • Do keep blocks of text left- or right-aligned; don’t force-justify text.
  • Don’t set body copy in all uppercase letters.

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