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The co-brand mark is integral to N.C. Cooperative Extension’s identity. It is simultaneously clean, confident and dynamic. The logo speaks to our core drivers, which include clarity, purpose, innovation and trust.

Through the co-brand, we convey a stronger connection between N.C. Cooperative Extension and our state’s land-grant universities, while continuing to give visibility to our unique N.C. Cooperative Extension partnership. Having this consistent identity and unified presence will make the N.C. Cooperative Extension brand strong and recognizable.

There are two base configurations of the logo: STACKED and HORIZONTAL. Use the appropriate version for your project.

N.C. Cooperative Extension Logo_Stacked color

N.C. Cooperative Extension Logo_Horizontal color

A Quick Guide to the N.C. Cooperative Extension Brand

Using the Logo

The co-brand is a singular graphic, which should be used as one image in its original proportions. The logo should be used in a prominent position on all communications.

The designer may decide where to place the logo, so long as it is immediately visible on the introductory portion of a resource (e.g. publication cover, front page of a handout, top of web page).

Give the logo space. As a rule of thumb, measure the height of the letter “E” in the word Extension. Design elements, text and photos should be at least that far from the logo.
N.C. Cooperative Extension logo-Stacked version sizing guidelines

Minimum logo sizes. Use the appropriate size in all materials, and remember to scale the logo proportionately.

N.C. Cooperative Extension logo_SIZING graphic-Stacked

N.C. Cooperative Extension logo-Horizontal version sizing guidelines

  • Color is preferred when possible, but there are also Black and Grayscale versions of the co-brand.
  • When using the full color co-brand, it is preferable to print on a white background (or other “natural” backgrounds like a light beige, etc.). It is acceptable to superimpose the co-brand over imagery, but only when placed over light background colors without busy scenes.
    ACCEPTABLE: Placing the co-brand over an image of the sky at dusk.

    NOT ACCEPTABLE: Using the co-brand over an image of a crowd of people with numerous colors and distracting activity behind it.

  • When printing on black, it is preferable to use a one-color version of the co-brand.
    • The color co-brand can be used on black backgrounds if needed, but the N.C. A&T logo should be all gold in color (see Color section for specific palette).
    • A design vendor can convert the black logo into the appropriate version.

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Incorrect Logo Usage

N.C. Cooperative Extension logo_Incorrect graphic

> Be mindful to resize the logo in equal proportion; do not distort the dimensions by stretching or scrunching the logo.

N.C. Cooperative Extension logo_Incorrect graphic 2

> Do not resize individual portions of the overall graphic, such as making the university logos bigger or repositioning them.

N.C. Cooperative Extension logo_Incorrect graphic 3

> Make sure your art vendor or others do not attempt to change the font or other design elements.

Why Can’t I Change the Logo?

Consistency is the cornerstone of effective branding and marketing. Using the same imagery on a consistent basis establishes brand identity and recognition in the market.

Regular use of our co-brand also reinforces the connection between N.C. Cooperative Extension and the partnering universities, helping people understand who we are and the value we provide. Over time, this repetition helps grow trust and value for the logo as well as the entities for which it stands.

As such, changing the colors, arrangements, fonts or text of the logo defeats the purpose of brand identity and is not permitted.

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Logo Downloads

You can download N.C. Cooperative Extension logos all at once (organized by print and web/Office types) or individually as needed.


Contains EPS files, which are the only logos that should be used for print, as these vector files will print without loss of quality at any size.


Contains JPG logos that can be used for Microsoft Office documents, like Word and PowerPoint, or on websites.

Approved Vendors

While there are thousands of promotional companies, online shirt shops and local screen-printers, the use of NC State’s trademarks (e.g. logos and name/wordmarks) on products or promotional items requires that the product be produced by a licensed vendor.

View a list of vendors (NC State) that are pre-approved and licensed to use the university trademarks on apparel and promotional items.

Lists of NC State trademarks (also available under the “Our Trademarks” tab):

At times, we can request additions to the licensed vendor list in certain situations, but the standard required by the university is to utilize a pre-approved vendor.

Visit the NC State Trademark Licensing website for more information.

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Shadow Guidelines

The base co-brand includes drop shadow to provide a natural outline and boundaries, which helps define the shape and its place within the overall communication piece.

At times, however, the drop shadow will not be needed and may be removed.

Rule of thumb…

  • Use the version with shadow if there is excess open space around the logo (lots of white space) – this creates an outline so the logos aren’t just floating – see first example below
  • Use the version without shadow if the boundaries on the final piece are close to the logo (e.g. edges of the paper, surrounding text, etc.) – see second example below

N.C. Cooperative Extension logo_Shadow required example

N.C. Cooperative Extension logo_No shadow required example

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County Center Names

When adding a county center name to the logo, use the format:

  • Arial font – size should be roughly equivalent to “N.C. A&T” logo text
  • Use ALL CAPS
  • Center below the university logos

Template for Logo + County Center Name

    Download the Template (PPT) for adding a county center name to the logo. Follow these steps to utilize the template and create a county-specific N.C. Cooperative Extension logo image file:

  • Choose the logo version that’s appropriate for your communication
  • Type your county center name into the “Sample County Center” field
  • Right-click the final image -> select “Save as Picture…” -> choose JPEG as the format

N.C. Cooperative Extension co-brand_County Center name example

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Logo Versatility & Separation

While the co-brand is defined as a singular graphic, there is flexibility for usage in a variety of scenarios, including separating the N.C. Cooperative Extension logo and university logos.

We encourage use of the co-brand as a cohesive graphic when possible. In situations where the co-brand production standards can not be met – or when it adds meaningful aesthetic value to a resource – the N.C. Cooperative Extension logo and university logos may be separated.

This will most often be the case with items with small imprint areas like an ink pen or some shirts.

Logo Element Terms

The N.C. Cooperative Extension co-brand consists of two main sections:

  1. The first section features “NC” in a red square and “Cooperative Extension” in a blue rectangle.

    N.C. Cooperative Extension Logo_Extension logo only

  2. The second section includes both the A&T logo and the NC State logo, which should always be grouped together as one graphic.

    N.C. Cooperative Extension_University logos

Rule of thumb…
If the university logos are too small to be legible (i.e. don’t meet publishing specs), then separate the two elements. When doing so, closely follow these guidelines:

  • Separate ONLY the red and blue Extension logo from the university logos.
  • The university logos must still be used side by side as a singular graphic.
    • The university marks may be enlarged relative to the Extension block, but must be the same size relative to one another.
  • Both logo elements – Extension logo & university logos – must appear together on the same page of the communication (e.g., the Extension block can not be used on one page and the university logos on the next).

Logo Elements Production Requirements

Extension logo_SIZING graphic

University Logos_SIZING graphic

Examples (click to enlarge)

N.C. Cooperative Extension Co-brand_Logo separation example

N.C. Cooperative Extension Co-brand_Logo separation example 2

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The primary color for N.C. Cooperative Extension is blue.

Color palette block_Blue

HEX #004684
RGB 0 70 132
CMYK 100 65 0 31
PMS 288

The secondary color palette includes:

Color palette block_Red

HEX #CC0000
RGB 204 0 0
CMYK 0 100 81 4
PMS 186 C

Color palette block_Gold

RGB 253 185 39
CMYK 0, 30, 94, 0
PMS 123

For more information on the university color palettes (which are acceptable secondary colors), review their respective brand standards:


Arial is the primary font to be used in all N.C. Cooperative Extension materials and resources.

Gotham is our alternative font and can be used as a change-of-space substitute as available and needed.

These fonts, and their accompanying family versions, should be used at all times, in both digital and print materials.

Arial font graphic


Gotham font graphic


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