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Event Signage and Displays

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Employees can order commonly requested N.C. Cooperative Extension and NC State Extension signage and event marketing materials from our state vendor, The Roberts Group.

The lists below include some of the most popular items, and additional products are available on The Roberts Group website. Contact the vendor (see How to Order) to discuss purchasing / localizing other materials.

How Do I Update Signage for an Extension Center or Facility?

Funding is still available to assist county centers that haven’t developed or updated their Extension displays/signage per the current style standards.

Every county center is expected to adopt the Extension brand through appropriate signage and materials, including both permanent signage and portable displays (when applicable). Take advantage of the cost-share opportunity with administration to update your local signage and help grow our Extension brand statewide.

Our vendor, The Roberts Group, has several standard signs and displays on file from working with many of our county centers. See the info below to contact them and discuss your local needs.

How to Order

To get started, contact our licensed state vendor using the information below. They will involve the communications team so we can assist with on-brand updates and arrange for individual funding support as appropriate.

Most of the materials, including additional products available on The Roberts Group website, can be customized to include your county center or program name. Contact The Roberts Group directly to discuss questions and order arrangements:

Cody Williams
View vendor website and inventory

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Banners and Displays

View pre-designed banner and table display designs that are available for purchase below. While we share images of banners as sets, note that all displays can be purchased individually by contacting The Roberts Group (see How to Order).

N.C. Cooperative Extension

NC State Extension

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Event Marketing Items

Banner (96×36 Vinyl Signage)

*Pricing: $50/ea.

Banner image

Sticker / Adhesive Decal (4×1.5)

*Pricing: $1/ea.

Sticker / Adhesive Decal image

Table Cover (Black, 8-ft. non-fitted)

*Pricing: $210/ea.

A black table cover illustration displaying the N.C. Cooperative Extension logo.

Table Cover (White, 8-ft. non-fitted)

*Pricing: $210/ea.

White Table Cover image

Table Runner (24×82)

*Pricing: $62/ea. for generic imprint
(Add county/program name: $87/ea.)

Table Runner image

Podium Placard (16×9 Plastic Sign)

*Pricing: $15/ea.

Podium Placard image

Aluminum Sign (34×26 County Signage)

*Pricing: $50/ea.
(Front & Back printing: $75/ea.)

Aluminum Sign image

*Pricing should be considered a base estimate and may vary depending on quantity and specifications. Art setup and shipping fees are not included. These items represent only a sampling of available materials. See How to Order to get started.

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