Hurricane Florence Update From NCDA&CS (9/11/18)

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Emergency Management Weather Tracking

We are sending Hurricane Florence storm tracking information from emergency management twice daily. Below is the latest Hurricane Florence update.

Hurricane Florence continues on its track towards the coast of North Carolina. It is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 storm with 130-156 mph sustained wind gusts. Effects from the storm will most likely begin Wednesday with the storm making landfall sometime late Thursday or early Friday. It is predicted that the storm will begin weakening shortly after making landfall and “stall out” somewhere over the eastern half of North Carolina through Sunday evening.

The Coastal Plains area could see 10-15 inches of rain. Hatteras is expected to see almost 30 inches of rain. Long-term river flooding is a real possibility. Please stay tuned to your local forecasts and use these links for important storm information.

Hurricane Florence Hazards Summary Chart 9-11-18

Mass Animal Mortality Management Plan
The Mass Animal Mortality Management Plan for catastrophic natural disasters was developed by the state before Hurricane Matthew. NCDA&CS has reviewed and recommended the plan for mass animal mortality. Click on the links below for guidance on composting mass animal mortality.
NCDA&CS Veterinary Division’s Livestock Unit
The livestock unit has four regions throughout the state. Attached is the regional map with a list of the Veterinary Medical Officers and Animal Health Technicians and their contact information.