Homegrown Web Series Entering Next Phase

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Homegrown, our contemporary web-based video series that launched in May, has been enthusiastically received by individuals throughout Extension. With internal audiences on board, the Homegrown team is making plans for a consumer launch of the program heading into the fall.

The Homegrown series is designed to appeal to audiences who may otherwise not have heard of Extension – primarily urban and suburbanites who are out of touch with our state’s agricultural heritage. Through the presentation of relevant, timely topics related to food and nutrition, gardening and agriculture, the series aims to connect our friends and neighbors to research-based information in a format that suits their lifestyles and personal interests.

Phase II of the Homegrown launch involves the introduction of a more contemporary, consumer-friendly website designed to appeal to an urban audience. Marketing tactics, also in development, will seek to promote the series through organic and paid social media, email marketing and face-to-face promotion at festivals and events through the fall.

The Homegrown website will undergo additional changes later in the year as new functionality is added to enrich the user experience and better connect these audiences to your Extension resources and expertise.

View our Homegrown standards and guidelines page to learn more.

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