We Grow N.C. Media Campaign Celebrates CALS, Extension

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NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is launching a media advertising campaign beginning this week. The theme of the campaign, “We Grow N.C.,” embraces the ways that NC State is making a difference in local communities every day.

A series of TV, radio and digital ads (websites) will highlight how NC State works to improve the economy, opportunities and student access for North Carolinians, while also providing solutions to address the challenges that local communities face. TV and radio will run from May until November. Digital ads will be placed sporadically throughout the year, primarily targeting key events attended by state and local decision makers.

As the local delivery mechanism for much of what NC State and CALS offers, Extension invites county centers and key programs to take advantage of the We Grow N.C. messaging framework when communicating with key audiences. Doing so can tie local efforts and programs directly to the broader media messaging, bolstering awareness and value around local and programmatic efforts statewide.

The We Grow N.C. campaign is built around five strategic themes that Extension supports across the state. Those five themes are:

  • We Grow Opportunities;
  • We Grow Solutions;
  • We Grow Communities;
  • We Grow Economies; and
  • We Grow Talent.

Visit the We Grow N.C. campaign website.

Extension agents and specialists can connect their important work back to one of these themes. If the major theme areas seem too broad for a specific message, the We Grow framework allows creation of supporting messages that directly relate to programs.

For example, how are key programs growing communities? Perhaps an FCS agent is offering a healthy cooking program, like Med Instead of Meds. To promote this initiative, the agent or specialist might consider messaging like, “Extension in County Name is growing healthy citizens.” A possible headline could simply be, “We Grow Healthy Citizens” or “Extension Program is Growing Healthy Communities in County Name.”

Similarly, a key agriculture program or workshop likely supports the local economy by helping farmers be more profitable. In that case, “We Grow Economies” is an appropriate theme. Messaging to promote a workshop could be, “We Grow Farm Profits,” “Extension Grows Higher Yields” or “Extension is Growing County Name Ag Economy.”

Get creative – what Extension does (and YOU do) every day is growing this state in many ways – it’s time to start talking about it!

Need help coming up with We Grow messaging? Contact Justin Moore or Julie Hayworth-Perman, NC State Extension marketing and communications, at tjmoore3@ncsu.edu or jhaywor@ncsu.edu, respectively.