Coyote Management Workshop

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Coyotes, a canine species (e.g. relatives of domesticated dogs and other canines) have become a part of the wildlife in northeast North Carolina over the last several decades. Although not native to N.C., some coyotes can become an issue with landowners, farmers, and homeowners due to the loss of livestock, poultry, and small pets as a result of coyote depredation.

To address the topic, the Pasquotank Extension Center is hosting a coyote management workshop to be conducted by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at 1209 McPherson Street Elizabeth City, NC on Thursday, August 17th starting at 5:45 p.m. with check-in. This program will consist of the following speakers/topics: Welcome & Overview of Coyote Biology & Behavior (Chris Turner, NC Wildlife Resource Commission), Coyote Management (Chris Turner, NC Wildlife Resource Commission), Coyote Trapping Techniques and Demonstrations (Aaron Bowden, US Department of Agriculture – Wildlife Services). If you are a landowner/property owner, livestock farmer or an individual that is interested in this topic, please make plans to attend this event by calling the Pasquotank Extension Center at 252-338-3954. Also,  click on the link below to see the NC Wildlife Resources Commission information about this program, which is being conducted at a number of locations across North Carolina.—pasquotank-county