NC State 2016 Enterprise Budgets- Row Crops

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The new 2016 budgets are posted after extensive effort to estimate new cost and pricing for farmers in the upcoming year. The new budgets include the following updates:

  • Crop Prices
  • Yields
  • Fertilizer Cost (generally decreased)
  • Tillage and Harvest Equipment for the Tidewater is updated
  • Irrigation Cost for Tobacco is updated
  • Soybeans have resistance management herbicide cost considered
  • All budgets have overhead now (previously not)
  • Fertilizer choices have been streamlined based on NC listed prices from NCDA&CS
  • Labor Cost Updates (generally increased)
  • Scouting Cost Updates
  • Other Cost particular to crops have been updated (for example, ginning cost for cotton)
  • Most chemical use has been updated

Below are the links to the updated budgets for 2016:

These budgets include the input of university specialist, agents, and farmers throughout the state and we are thankful for all the help in time and consideration to those who were involved. If you are a farmer, agent, or university specialist we are looking to get your input on pricing and cost that farmers face in 2017. Contact us at to let us know how we can support you.